Speech Analyzer
Speech Analytics & Emotion Analysis

Powerful AI-based voice analyzer that allows you to automate and streamline the entire working process, taking businesses to the next level.

Boost the proactivity and productivity of your inbound, outbound and blended contact centers

Keyword Spotting
Stop listening to hours of agents’ phone calls. Enter keywords to search and improve your team’s performance.
Predictive Compliance Issues
No more penalties after phone calls. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can create headaches. But with this tool you can create a stop-list and be safe and sound — unwanted keywords will be spotted and highlighted for you.
Achieving Sales Objectives
Turn speech into measurable data. Then use our dashboard to visualize it, and voilà — you are now a performance master.
Multi-Level Reporting
Collect your raw data into useful reports. You can represent Hundreds of hours of calls in a chart, so you can literally speak numbers.

Plans & Pricing

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Use cases

speech analysis case study

Client: Lead Capital Markets
Project Type: Speech analysis for compliance.
Result: Identifying and alerting about misconduct calls, according to the compliance need of the company.

AI dialer case study

Client: MemoGlobal
Project Type: SAI Dailer.
Result: 150 representative connected to the AI Dailer with ten of thousands of calls per dayand with 40% increased efficiency.

cloud contact center case study

Client: Pizza Hut
Project Type: Cloud Contact Center IP PBX.
Result: More than 60 branches around the country with voice recognition IVR.

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